Big, Bold Mental Health Event:
COVID-19 Global Workforce 2021

24th and 25th March 2021 Virtual Summit

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One-Stop Shop Intensive 2-day Agenda

Learn easily transferrable tips from the top Mental Health Leaders around the world! Fun, inclusive panel discussions, interviews, workshops, anonymous one-to-one chat and best practice case studies

Calling all Mental Health Champions!

We are passionate about supporting Mental Health Champions. There is lot of explore with a focus on how to WIN more budget and collaborate better across your whole organisation

Power up! New Skills and Performance Tips for Line Managers

Make bigger leaps towards being a better Line Manager – hear our speakers share how to enhance performance, motivation and welling of your teams

Join the ONLY Event with Cross-sector, Multiple-Country Best Practice

20 different countries and counting! Gain a 360 view and benchmark from organisations from across the world. Public sector to commercial organisations come together in March to learn from each other

Hop into Our Live 'Role Play' Theatre

‘Test out’ your conversations before you have them. Our fun and informative actors and leaders help you to take back better directed workplace scenarios. And enjoy our yoga, nutrition and meditation room too.

Speakers from around the world

The Big, Bold Mental Health Summit: COVID-19 Workforce 2021

24th & 25th March 2021

Harness COVID-19 disruption to drive workforce mental wellbeing out of its silo across your whole organisation!


Join 40+ of the brightest minds, senior VPs, Directors and Managers in wellbeing, mental health and HR to learn next generation best practice and network online at Mind Mixer Events first wellbeing summit.

Now is the time to turn COVID-19 disruption into positive change by adopting more proactive and far-reaching approaches to staff mental health and wellbeing programmes.

For 2 days this intensive one-stop shop, international virtual event will stream plenary panels, case studies alongside a raft of training workshops.

We have carefully selected our speakers for their range of experiences and expertise. Hear inspiring and focused speeches, gain practical skill development from this all-in-one cross-industry event.  We want you to leave inspired to give your workforce better support and build a more robust, flexible and happier workplace.


Book your ticket soon and secure your place to hear these lessons:

  • How to better support your remote & virtual workforces
  • Drive greater collaboration: its already there, so find out how to extend your networks
  • Reimagine the role and what’s next  mental health champions: how to gain traction quicker
  • Key ways to win the business case & ROI for mental health amidst a backdrop of financial uncertainty
  • How to give better support virtual workforces especially the ‘forgotten’ frontline workforce
  • Discover key ways to move wellbeing out of its silo and into all departments from board level to line managers to frontline staff.

Hear from a rich tapestry of global cultures, experiences and knowledge.  We have deliberately wanted you to have access to across the world and meet gurus who you might never meet in the physical event world! All will share insights and lessons learnt from COVID-19 and before.

There are lots of ways to attend with group discounts, tickets priced according to your company type and size plus free places for emergency frontline workers.

Our innovative virtual platform was built by academics and professionals in the Netherlands and has a virtual exhibition space, an active online community open to delegates for 12 months, workshops, seamless on the day streaming, interactive in your choice of mobile and desktop apps.



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Mind Mixer Events have partnerships with emergency frontline workforce associations and allocated numbers of places for members

In addition:
1. Each standard booking made supports a ‘blue light’ frontline worker’s attendance
2. You can also add special tickets for frontline workers as part of your exhibition or sponsorship package

To find out more about how to help NHS/Emergency & other key frontline workers to join this event, please contact us

Leading Brands and Speakers From Across the World

Paul Propster Nasa Space

Paul Propster

Story Architect + Sr Strategic Planner

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr Michael Christian

Research & Clinical Effectiveness Lead – HEMS Doctor

London's Air Ambulance

Mark Winterflood

Wellbeing Manager

Hastings Direct


Asif Sadiq MBE

Vice President, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion


Massachusetts General Hospital COVID 19

Dr Joshua Baugh MD

Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellow and Disaster Medicine Fellow

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Leadership and Resilience Expert, Former Elite Military Unit Commander

EGM Network

Greg Vogt

Market Development Manager & Professional Mental Health Speaker, Active Minds


Benefits of attending

New speakers from across UK, Europe and internationally who are passionate about ideas ‘worth sharing’.

Free “Mental Health Implementation Top Tips Booklet”: Practical case study solutions offered in a concise booklet to all attending.

Free add-on Webinars: Deep dive into our practical, specialist webinars for all attendees for better skill development.

Move mental health support out of its silo: Find out better ways to extend the reach of wellbeing across the whole organisation.

What's on the Agenda

  • Gain better ability to recognise the signs of mental health issues amongst colleagues
  • Respond to COVID-19 emerging workplace pressures: furlough, redundancy, burnt-out, PTSD, family illness, financial concerns
  • Discover innovative ways to boost mental health at work and prevent ‘mental injury’
  • Improve mental health outcomes through volunteer and 3rd party partnerships
  • Develop a robust resilience and anti-stress policy for your frontline staff
  • Re-examine how your diversity, inclusivity policies in a step-by-step risk assessment approach
  • Find out how to better support your Mental health First Aid
  • Champions to engage across the business
  • Attend new specialised ‘drop-in clinics’ from legal considerations, role play, management skill development and more
  • Hear from frontline workers and global companies from all size range and levels of development
  • Plus lots more

2020 – Agenda

THE SUMMIT FORMAT: The summit’s virtual online format is structured to maximise learning and networking with a time-efficient two- day interactive and diverse knowledge-sharing format to provide a collaborative delegate and speaker sharing opportunity. It aims to be both fun and informative – to provide the maximum networking so that presenters and attendees are given equal chance to contribute. There will be panel discussions, interviews, speed sessions, case studies and networking sessions throughout the programme to enhance the learning and ability to make personal contacts throughout. All times are British Standard Time.

Time Details (day one)
Networking Lounge: Connect to Our Event Community Online

Make new connections for the next two days and sign up to our community
Gather information at virtual exhibition stands
Enjoy global networking community for 6 months

MORNING CHAIR COMMENTS: A ‘Big Bold’ Welcome: Interactive Voting, Exhibition and Virtual Platform Introduction

Choose your session stream and move between agendas
A) MAIN PROGRAMME: Join the main agenda for panels, case studies and debate
B) BREAKOUT WORKSHOP BEST PRACTICES: Choose one of Day Two 2 hour sessions to develop your skills

GUEST OF HONOUR: First Responders' Mental Health: The Unique Challenge COVID-19 Has Presented to Emergency Workers

Moving Beyond The Mental Health ‘tsunami’ – Rebuilding Wellbeing, Increasing Resilience

The past year has been devastating – impacting our work, our personal lives, our health and the economy around the world. This session will discuss how to make COVID-19 a positive contribution to drive change across the way we work now and in the future: Make this a positive way to embrace lessons – start the extended learning here.

  • Examples of innovations at different points and moments across the world
  • Opening up your thinking and being more innovative in the future
  • Top tips from leaders on how to embrace the change and challenge to highlight where it is needed for a better working environment
  • How will technology support vs create barriers

How has COVID-19 impacted the world – redefining mental health in times of disruption

Sonya Wallbank

Sonya Wallbank

Director of HR & OD – UK PPE COVID 19 Clinical Health and Wellbeing Lead, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Department of Health and Social Care

Dr Michael Christian

Research & Clinical Effectiveness Lead – HEMS Doctor

London's Air Ambulance

Massachusetts General Hospital COVID 19

Dr Joshua Baugh MD

Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellow and Disaster Medicine Fellow

Massachusetts General Hospital


Moving Beyond The Perfect Mental Health & Wellness ‘tsunami’ – Rebuilding Wellbeing, Increasing Resilience

The world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline health care workers (HCWs) are among the most vulnerable groups at risk of mental health problems. During this session, we share perspectives from key workers from NHS to Retail and Hospitality.

  • Understanding the increased risk of acquiring trauma or stress-related disorders, depression and anxiety from those at the frontline
  • Understanding what specific support is needed for key workers and frontline staff fighting COVID
  • Examining the stigma of being closely connected with COVID: family members and society and negative social implications externally
  • Coping strategies: Warning signs and the challenge of intervening/starting a conversation with frontline heroes – what steps can you take?

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Leadership and Resilience Expert, Former Elite Military Unit Commander

EGM Network

PANEL DISCUSSION: RESILIENCE AND WAR ZONES: What Can We Learn From Trauma At The Edge Of life

Dating back to earliest times, mankind has experienced the psychological impact of a wide range of catastrophes, famines, floods, earthquakes, wars, and outbreaks of potentially deadly infectious diseases. Today we are still figuring out how to cope—and help others cope—with the grief, stress, and anxiety caused by biggest health challenge of our time: the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

What can we learn from those who are been at the edge of life and death:

  • PTSD: Trauma and stress-related disorders
  • Looking at first responders and frontline workers heroic efforts: mental exhaustion & PSTD
  • Depleting our reservoir of ‘adaptive energy’
  • Although well-intended how can support alone be misdirected: balancing challenge with support
  • Lessons of recovery from the maelstrom of trauma

Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald

Senior Business Partner – Mental Health

Rolls Royce plc

FOCUS SESSION: SPOTTING THE URGENT SIGNS OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN YOUR STAFF Pinpointing Complexities, Behaviours and How They Present Themselves

COVID-19 has presented a test to everyone and as a manager it is important to get to know your team and understand when they need a little extra support. Recognising some of the signs of poor mental health does not mean you should make assumptions about what mental health problems your employees may have. Instead, noticing changes in behaviour and signals to show when you should check in and start a conversation about how your employee is coping.

  • Invisible working: What are the psychological effects of working from home during COVID-19?
  • The roles of gatekeepers
  • Recognising those in need of extra support whilst working remotely: Differences of benign vs urgent – how to tell the difference
  • Understand different types and signs of mental health challenges: self-harm, ADHD, alcohol & drug abuse, depression and anxiety, schizophrenia
  • Understanding the duty of care and legal position for both employees and employers to make reasonable adjustments
EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SPOTLIGHT: HARNESSING THE POSITIVE FROM THE PANDEMIC AND DRIVING WELLBEING ACROSS THE BUSINESS OUT OF THE SILOS Different Employee Experiences: The Impact on Workforce Motivation, Engagement and Wellbeing (followed by panel discussion)

A) SHORT CASE STUDY: Identifying What Wellness Programmes Can & Can’t Do … and How to Make Yours Really Work

B) SHORT CASE STUDY: MH Champions – Where to Next? Extending the Reach of Wellbeing Across the Business Through The Evolution of Mental Health Models

C) SHORT CASE STUDY: Healthy Buildings, Happy People: Ergonomics, Organisational Behaviour and
Re-inventing the Work Wheelhouse

Indentifying What Wellness Programmes Can & Can’t Do … and How to Make Yours Really Work
• Identifying need in your business and gaining a 360 view of your workforce
• Why well-intentioned wellness programmes often miss their objectives?
• How to stop MH initiatives alienating those who are dealing with health issues in the first place, mental or physical
• Developing a series of inclusive wellness support spaces and initiatives: The wellness lounge, technology and meditation
• Supporting different groups from LBGT to neurodiversity inclusion

MH Champions – Where to Next? Extending the Reach of Wellbeing Across the Business Through The Evolution of Mental Health Models
• How to take the next steps to extend your mental health strategy and champions into new areas
• How to promote and engage your whole organisation with your mental health champions and network
• Achieving better engagement with wellbeing and mental health champions: Helping all staff to better understand the role of your nominated and volunteer MH champions
• Setting up team-building sessions focused on mental health – promoting early detection and support
• Signposting and directing to the appropriate help

Healthy Buildings, Happy People: Ergonomics, Organisational Behaviour and Re-inventing the Work Wheelhouse
• Identifying remote working wellbeing needs across different sectors, channels and services: Ergonomics and technology
• The science of matching work environments to fit the physiological, psychological, and cognitive capabilities of the worker
• Harnessing change in built workplace and remote working: COVID-19 as an enabler



Our modern world can be a tough place for young people and all generations of staff. COVID-19-related changes to mental health are set to weigh heavily managers and have far-reaching implications for their own mental health. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been a huge blow to all, this session is an opportunity for us to set up a more robust plan for the future. This session aims to tackle the hard issues and offer practical guidance:

• Managing the increasingly acute risks for staff wellbeing
• How are both management and staff increasingly at risk of stress, frustration and poor mental health
• Stress-testing your current wellbeing and MH strategy: Is it still fit for purpose?
• What are the current legal and social responsibility factors
• What can companies and career advisers do to support and build better connections outside the organisation
• What practical ways can institutions do to make mental health a bigger priority for all

NETWORKING Build New Relationships, Network and Peer-to-Peer Learning

Expand your network and engage in-depth learning with your peers. Take advantage of our variety of formats to further build your knowledge and networking base:

  • “Drop-in” virtual Roundtable chats (up to 15 fellow delegates)
  • Anonymous and private discussions available
  • Exhibition solution roundtables
Mindmixer speaker - Susan Gee

Susan Gee

Group Occupational Health And Wellbeing Manager

Yorkshire Water

Herbert Schilthuis

Global Director Health (Chief Medical Officer)

The HEINEKEN Company

PANEL SESSION: SPREADING THE WORD: Ideas to Support the Wider Adoption of Mental Health Initiatives at Work: Moving Mental Health into the Mainstream

Now is the time to re-approach how we care for employees going forwards and to find new ways to work which prioritises good workforce mental health and emotional wellbeing. Find out how to remain all stigma around poor mental health and to better engage your whole organisation with a sense of individual empowerment and responsibility:

Practical tips to:

• Why still the stigma?
• Set up line management groups and engage all staff across the business with good mental health
• Balance the performance vs support challenge: How can line managers ensure profitable work and respond to mental health issues from their staff
• Creating a kinder workplace as a positive community – remotely and together
• Extending the role of wellbeing initiatives to line managers: integration and communication
• Better signposting both internal and external links & partnerships


No industry or sector has been unaffected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Tough economic decisions and a renewed focus on productivity must be balanced against many factors for companies. This session will help you to better plan for staged return to work and discuss
what principles should drive us as staff will be concerned and anxious about being in workplace again. Should we embrace virtual or remote. Find out more practical tips on how to get your staff back to work safely

Topics include:

  • How are organisations changing their thinking about flexible and remote working
  • How can we still retain support for mental health and wellbeing
  • Presentism & HSE concerns: Risk assessments
  • Building engagement and a more dynamic dialogue with employees is crucial
  • The role of leaders and managers: compassion and support

Employee wellbeing programmes are still typically the preserve of corporates, with smaller companies usually lacking in a coherent wellbeing strategy and offering, at most, a benefit here and a perk there. Many SMEs cite budget constraints as a reason for not implementing more formal initiatives. The good news is that many of this panel’s recommendations do not need to involve huge outlays for SMEs but instead a change of mindset.

Find out more:
• How to remove the barriers stopping SMEs investing in employee wellbeing
• Supporting staff wellbeing on a shoestring: What can you do?
• Address important wellbeing issues – sleep, mental health and drugs, alcohol and tobacco


Annie Heremans

Chief Medical Officer

Philip Morris International

CLOSING KEYNOTE BIG BOLD PANEL: DOING MORE THAN ‘GOOD BUSINESS’ IN THE NEW WORKPLACE – A Unique Opportunity to Integrate Social Value and Rethink Your Customer, Employees and Local Community

Corporate social innovation encompasses the many ways that businesses can have a positive impact. It’s not about ‘wokeness’ it is about corporate social innovation integrates these four pillars into a coherent strategy that provides a positive impact on society as well as businesses’ bottom lines.
Business cannot continue to rely on one-off ‘feel good’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives without aligning their strategies to responsible values and integrating them into their daily operations.

  • Define KPIs, manage value drivers and start measuring the ROI
  • Explaining your ambition for sustainable value creation to all stakeholders
  • From encouraging mental wellness to ensuring employees’ are financially secure during the outbreak,
  • Finding ways to support small businesses in your local area
  • Embed Responsible Business priorities within the entire organisation and place it high on the agenda for good governance.
A Few Bold Moments: Stories and Videos of Frontline Workers, Messages of Support, Thought Provoking Ideas
Networking Extravaganza and Virtual Happy Hour! Meet informally with fellow delegates in “Drop- in” virtual roundtable chats.

• Engage in 1:1 video conversation with peers or vendors.
• Connect with fellow delegates as “recommend matches” based on similar interests and business objectives.

End of Day One
Conference Day 1 Ends


TWO-HOUR PRACTICAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS – 10-12pm and 2-4pm on DAY ONE & TWO AT 10-12pm and 2-4pm

All delegates can choose from several ‘practical problem solving’ different Roundtable Discussion Groups where there will be opportunities for subject for a few minutes and then encourage discussion with 2-3 key action points to implement in the office. Maximum of 15 delegates at a time. The sessions will be run twice (morning and afternoon) each day to allow for maximum involvement.

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Why attend


Our 9 to 5 happiness has been sorely tested throughout 2020. We have been faced with the unimagined challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mind Mixer Events are on a mission to support all workforces and help everyone to re-charge, re-engage and re-address mental health in the workplace. The Big, Bold Mental Health Event: COVID-19 Workforce 2021 recognises the need for a new workplace community.

Brimming with new ideas, fresh speakers from across the world and practical tips, this event and on-line community offer the chance for a cross-industry, cross-function exchange of ideas. Hear how different types and sizes of organisations focus on better wellbeing and mental health strategies which stretch across front line workforce professionals to commercial organisations. The one thing all our speakers have in common is a strong mutual interest in developing more robust, supportive and proactive mental health framework. And to bring the energy and love of work back for all, and especially for those who are encountering poor mental health.

We have special discounts and guest places for those who are used to ‘looking after others’ as their job, the heroes of the NHS and all frontline workers. We are giving back, for all standard tickets we are matching it with a free ‘blue light’ frontline worker place.

Book your place now for the Big, Bold Mental Health Event: COVID-19 Workforce 2021 being held on 24th and 25th March 2021. Move from stigma to solution!


  • 60+ international speakers
  • Automatic access to new COVID-19 workforce online community starting in January 2021
  • Free ebook with top-tips including ways to implement the most supportive, cost-effective and fresh ideas from speakers, partners and the community
  • Half-day workshops to train staff and develop line management and organisational skills
  • Drop-in professional clinics for advice for your organisation, your staff or yourself
  • Test out your new skills or what is worrying you at work with our on the spot ‘role play’ sessions running throughout the whole event
  • Extended interest Exhibition with the latest in HR, wellbeing, mental health apps and technology plus expert solutions
  • Find peers who are facing the same challenges: connect and support each other



  • Two days of keynotes, panels, fireside chat, case studies and workshops
  • Dedicated mobile and desktop virtual event app
  • Different levels of implementation from just starting out, SMEs to mature wellbeing framework workplaces
  • Specialist networking areas for frontline workers to share experiences
  • Choose between personal OR anonymous Q&A networking


Who should attend

The Big, Bold Mental Health Event 2021 is designed to meet the needs of an audience of different levels within the workplace from C-Suite executives and senior management from commercial organisations to the public sector to SMEs and blue chips from a range of industries. Attendees will have a workforce interest in best practices that will help them to meet the current and future mental health and wellbeing needs of their employees. Companies will be encouraged to send frontline staff and we welcome requests for those affected by COVID-19 stress and mental health challenges to attend. Get in touch and we will do all we can to help with group booking discounts and extra places.

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Happiness Officer, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, HR Director, Director of Health and Safety, Director of Occupational Health, Head of HR & Wellbeing, Head of Mental Health, Manager of Mental Health Team, Mental Health First Aider, Mental Health Champion, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Director of Internal Communications, Mental Health Leader, Head of Happiness, Head of Wellbeing, Head of People & Talent, Head of People & Culture, Head of Employee Engagement and more.

Critical Workers:
Doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers; the support and specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector;

Key Workers:
Social care sector, teachers, specialist education professionals; workers in the food production and distribution supply chain, as well as those in sales and delivery; production of hygiene and medical goods. Transport in the air, water, road and rail transport systems. Utilities, communications and key financial services:

Key Companies From: Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Construction, Oil and Gas, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Transport, Computer & Telecoms, Agriculture, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Entertainment & Theatre, News, Wholesale and Retail, Restaurants,